Major Sub-Projects

Set Motion Into Action

Ultimate Concepts and Goals

First Mile: To cultivate students’ appreciation of the arts and languages, we encourage them to form a habit of exercising, reading, and helping others.

Next Mile: Students will be motivated to study independently, through peer interaction, volunteer service, study abroad programs, and attending international academic conferences or practicing in a well-equipped international laboratory.

Last Mile: Combining a series of counseling, clinical teaching, and overseas practical training will strengthen student confidence and competitiveness in the work field.

Extra Mile: Providing alumni with lifelong access to learning and a communication channel between the workplace will enhance education to meet the needs of the workplace.

Projects abstracts:

The reinforcement plot and advanced strategies of the Teaching Excellence Project for the school year 104~105 are divided into two main axes as “Multidimensional education toward the world top universities” and “Fundamental inner cultivation and nurture of the talents on the strengthened teaching and learning concentration.” with eight branch projects as follows.

T1: The employment orientated professional education development (Project T1+)

T2: Research orientated elite education(T2+)

T3: Internationalization orientated development of distinguished education(T3+)
T4:Improving teachers’ teaching acknowledgement and capabilities along with the teaching outcomes (T4+)

T5: Enhancement of the course reformation and improving the learning outcomes (T5+)

T6: Nurture the spontaneous learning and the learning career planning(T6+)

T7: Cultivating the sense of public citizen and erect the role model of profession (T7+)

T8: Integrate the cross campus’ resources and enlarge the educational impacts(T8+)


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