What documents do I require to apply ISEP program?

A: (1) An application form and (2) a copy of student ID card (front and back)


Who can apply for the program?

A: Students who still enroll in school.


When is the program?

A: From 7/2~7/30


What does CMU provide?

A: CMU provide free accommodation and living expenses within the period of the time student join the program. We will also arrange free field trips.


Do we choose multiple courses or am I going to follow one course for four weeks?

A: You will be attending the courses we arrange for you.


What will be in the courses?


  • Ethics with Emerging Technologies
  • Political and Economic Development in Taiwan
  • Heritage: History in Taiwan
  • Cinema and Social Culture in Taiwan
  • Introduction to Traditional Theatrical Arts in Taiwan
  • Diverse Function of Plants
  • Introduction to Contemporary Architecture in Taiwan
  • Volunteer Service and Taiwan Society
  • Health, Assessment of Eastern Diet and Exercise
  • Introduction of Acupuncture
  • Syllabus for Biostatistics
  • Introduction to Safety and Health
  • Taiwan’s Health Insurance
  • Infectious Diseases in Taiwan
  • Tai Chi


 Do we have to pay for the program?

A: You don’t have to pay for the program, only your own personal expenses.


How can we get to your place from the airport to university?

A: After you arrive at the airport, take high way bus to Taichung. When you arrive at the Taichung train station, take bus No. 25、61、35、131 to China Medical University. However, I would suggest you taking taxi from the Taichung train station to China Medical University.

About high way bus: you can find them in the airport, there are many different companies, such as 國光號( KUO-KUANG MOTOR TRANSPORTATION), 統聯 (United Bus Company, or Ubus)..etc. They are maybe only different in price.


How large is the group of international students for the program?

A: About 30~40 students


Who should we contact with?

A: If you have any question, please feel free to e-mail to cmu4c@mail.cmu.edu.tw or athena915@mail.cmu.edu.tw, we will be happy to answer your questions.


Where do we stay?

A: You will either stay in
*仁美商務飯店 /台中市健行路585號/ TEL:04-22082299
Ren Mei Business Hotel Address: No.585, Jianzing Rd, Taichung 
*台中創意時尚飯店/台中市五權路334號/ TEL:2202-2666
En vogue Hotel / No.334, Wuquan Rd, Taichung 

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