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Project Origin To enhance the quality of school faculty and cultivate students' basic abilities to cope with the rapid changes of the twenty-first century, universities worldwide are investing resources and efforts into raising the level of their higher education policies. Global competition has prompted the Taiwanese government to follow in their footsteps; therefore, in 2004, the Ministry of Education implemented the "Teaching Excellence Project." This competitive and rewarding system encourages universities to lead by example by improving teaching standards and pursuing excellence in research.

Projects Abstracts

The reinforcement plot and advanced strategies of the Teaching Excellence Project for the school year 104~105 are divided into two main axes as "Multidimensional education toward the world top universities" and "Fundamental inner cultivation and nurture of the talents on the strengthened teaching and learning concentration." with eight branch projects as follows.

A. The multidimensional education to stride forward to the world top university-the employment orientated professional education development (Project T1+):
To promote the employment rates of CMU graduates and encourage students' learning bridging the industrial market demands, the goal of this project derives from students' employment orientation as the starting base to carry out the combination of learning and employing and promote students' capabilities of competiveness through practical learning and the links to the industrial human resource market. The implementation foci contains evaluating students' direction of learning adaptation, carrying out dual instructors teaching from both industrial and academic fields, and develop distinguished learning program and high quality teaching materials, establishing the probation and practicum system for students with the proper use of the practices as the license training leading to assisting graduates to start their own business with the school's industrial cooperation resources.

B. Striding toward the world top universities with the multidimensional education-research orientated elite education(T2+): For providing students of advanced research the direction of career development, this sub project starts from research orientation to execute the concentrations on reinforcing the fundamental education and academic research quality of students to stabilize the basic capabilities of research, encouraging students to join the faculty's research teams as the enlightenment of one's researching energy while planning the cross-campus programs for the top academic fields and the dual degree pursuing track to nurture the talents of medical research and industrial research and development, and further to integrate all our teaching resources to build a mobile cloud based campus surrounding to enhance the teaching results and learning outcomes for both faculty and students.

C. Striding toward the world top universities with the multidimensional education-internationalization orientated development of distinguished education(T3+):To enhance and update the global competitiveness of our faculty and students, this sub project derives from the internationalization orientation to execute the foci of the suitable course planning of international and local students mixture courses from the Center of Central Education and opening the international degree programs with featured identities, executing the seeding international student exchange program along with the international student buddies program, encouraging local students to apply for the overseas study or practicum opportunities, and furthering to hold the student debate contest for international issues and the international lectures of TED, and the last, strengthening students' international moving capabilities with global vision expansion. Simultaneously, we are considering the implementation of faculty exchanges with our overseas sister universities to improve our faculty's capabilities of moving worldwide.

D. Strengthening the basic content of teaching and learning and talents nurture-improving teachers' teaching acknowledgement and capabilities along with the teaching outcomes (T4+):
In order to assist teachers to divide the professional vocational abilities, this sub project plans and implements the faculty classification into teaching, researching, and teaching and researching styles, along teaching evaluation with various flexible salary scales. Furthermore, to expand the multi-career development for the faculty, we develop teachers' professional communities to optimize the teaching quality and pursue the teaching model heritage. Moreover, we assist the faculty to develop various teaching skills, such as the Flipped Classroom strategy to pursue the optimized teaching quality.

E. Strengthening the basic content of teaching and learning and talents nurture-Enhancement of the course reformation and improving the learning outcomes (T5+):
For enhancing students' whole person development and assist our students planning for the multidimensional future career developments, this sub project leads to measures of reformations on the curriculum, include the reformation on the Center Education to expand students' span of knowledge and execution the divisions of curriculum to promote students' potential to develop multi-career development, and implementation of the curriculum evaluation to keep improvement on teaching.
Meanwhile, coping with the integration of curriculum and the joint examination system, students are provided with adequate opportunities according to their learning capabilities and development.

F. Strengthening the basic content of teaching and learning and talents nurture- Nurture the spontaneous learning and the learning career planning(T6+):
This sub project derives from nurturing students' spontaneous learning to link the tracks of the coming professional curriculum as the foundation through the abilities nurtured in the beginning of the academic educational project contains the communicative, reasoning, cultural cultivation and self-motivated learning abilities. Simultaneously, students with learning difficulties are provided with extra assistance on the studying counselling, the facilitation of study counselling and minority students working hour reimbursement system. Other than that, through facilitating the foreign languages and digital learning contexts, students are encouraged to learn spontaneously.

G. Strengthening the basic content of teaching and learning and talents nurture- Cultivating the sense of public citizen and erect the role model of profession (T7+): Prevailing the Confucian healer's spirit and using the limited human resources to provide the volunteering medical services to let students contribute their passion to help the residents reduce their pain from illnesses. This sub project combines various model learning activities, such as comprehension, implementation, visitation, and introspection to yearn for pioneers' spirit of charity to the world and do the self-practicing to glorify the charity of Chinese culture through Chinese medicines and cures worldwide to benefit human kind. Recalling those moral models, to constant nurturing the new generation of CMU students with the humanity concerns and implementing the dedicating spirits, we dedicate to inspire our medical students to experience the sense of sympathy from the healers, carry out the doctoral cultivation of respects to life, and finally illustrate the "Lambarena" within one's own heart.

H. Strengthening the basic content of teaching and learning and talents nurture- Integrate the cross campus' resources and enlarge the educational impacts(T8+): As the response to the declining birth rate impacting our 12-year mandatory education policy, the higher education in Taiwan will face new changes of phenomena and contexts. This sub project plans to establish the new facilitation of the Institutional Research, IR, to be the main infrastructure. In the beginning the student data base will be constructed to move the research on the scientific empiricism in the higher education to further ensure the educational quality. Meanwhile, China Medical University will continue supporting the high school education and gradually promote the high school students' foreign languages abilities and scientific knowledge and hold the medical camps to provide the Chinese medicine knowledge training to enhance the high school students' college readiness and help to optimize the quality of high school teaching to create a win-win situation for both high schools and universities. Moreover, China Medical University will continue our efforts on basing on the Central Taiwan universities system, M6, to help integrating resources from central Taiwan and expand the area leagues with the facilitation of area teaching resources platforms to accomplish the area teaching resources exchanges and sharing with development of the identical area features to form the macroscopic structures of the central Taiwan urban universities and fulfill one's duties to the society.

We will reinforce the management and grading system throughout the inner and outer organization to ensure the executing quality of all teaching excellence projects when implementing them.

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